How to Choose Gutter Colors 

Match Your Siding or Exterior Paint Color

One of the most popular ways of choosing colors for your gutter is to use a color that matches your house’s siding. Matching gutters with the siding or exterior of your house will help you create a seamless look that doesn’t interfere with the overall visual aesthetic of your home. By matching, your gutters will simply serve their functional purpose, and you may not even be able to tell they are there.

Match Your Roof Style

You can also consider matching your gutters to the color of your roof so that your gutters look like a natural part of the roofline instead of a border around your house. While this may be a viable option, this isn’t always recommended because roof colors often stand in stark contrast to the siding of the house.

Match Your Trim Color

If you aren’t interested in matching your gutters with your siding or roof, you can match your gutters with your house’s trim instead. Doing so will help minimize how much your gutters stand out because they run against the trim of the house. While your gutters may be less obvious in the front of your house, they will be more prominent against the sides where there is less or no trim.

Contrast Your Home’s Exterior Color

You can contrast your gutter color with your home’s exterior if none of the previous options suit your taste. The logic behind contrasting your gutters with your house’s exterior is similar to why people choose to install a colorful front door or shutters to contrast with their neutral-colored house. Contrasting colors can help your home make a statement and add to its curb appeal. This is a great option if you want your gutters to stand out without compromising the visual aesthetic of your home.